Take a Nap Have you ever come close to falling asleep at the wheel?I am sure you have fallen asleep on a loved one or started dozing off mid-meeting at work.Think about that experience or if its every day then your most recent.Now imagine feeling that tired all day every [...]

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Spartan & Super Dad

We have amazing clients at CRAVE Personal Training and Boot Camp.I have a hard time not bragging all the time. Caring, original, motivated people who I love sharing my days with train here in Huntington Beach.Here is someone who continued to inspire not just myself, but I know he inspires [...]

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Keep Burning

Keep Burning! This is the motto for the Orange Theory gyms popping up all around us. Seems like a great marketing tactic. Isn’t that what you are seeking? The ultimate calorie burn?! Most think that this is what it’s all about. “The more I burn the faster I will lose [...]

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