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Take a Nap

Have you ever come close to falling asleep at the wheel?
I am sure you have fallen asleep on a loved one or started dozing off mid-meeting at work.
Think about that experience or if its every day then your most recent.
Now imagine feeling that tired all day every day. From the moment you awake until you crash in your bed or on your couch because the bed was too far and too much work to reach.
As humans we are doing too much, not sleeping enough, not fueling our bodies correctly and subjecting ourselves to too many lights and not enough nature. We are walking around that tired and we don’t even realize it any longer. In fact it’s normal.
As humans we are becoming more tired as the days and years tick by.
The problem is the way our world is set up so we need to come to grips with the fact that our world is not going to change at a fast enough rate to catch up with the short duration of our individual lives.
We are the ones who need to do something about the fact that we are walking around like lifeless zombies dying to pass out at any given moment.
And no, just because Red Bull and coffee exist doesn’t mean we can continue to use those beverages as a Band-Aid for a much larger problem.
When we lose sleep, we lose time, we lose chances, we lose life.
That is a scary thing!
For those of us who want to make the most of this one life on earth, here are a few simple ways to start.
The one practice I know to be easier than most is this; HAVE A SCHEDULE. Knowing when you work and wake will allow you to account for sleep needed and what you can afford. If you know bedtime should be 10pm, start scheduling your ritual or routine for winding down. The best advice I can give you is letting the phone and laptop turn OFF. Not only will the added white light subconsciously stress your mind out but then you can get pulled back into work, drama or social curiosity which leads to hours of scrolling through images that really mean nothing to your life. If you want to put on a movie watch it with some soft candle light, if you prefer a book again use a soft light bulb. Don’t strain your eyes but either situation should promote sleepiness. I love my sleepy time routine. For me its cozy clothes, chores done, wash my face, have a beverage like hot water and yes sometimes a glass of wine. It feels good to unwind in your own way as a celebration of the day.
This one may be the hardest but here it goes; DO NOT HIT SNOOZE! This is proven to make you groggy all day. This will kill any chance of a sunny disposition, a fresh face or a seize the day attitude. Set your alarm for the proper time and make your body jump off the sheets for a week straight. Before you know it, you will love the sound of the alarm signifying a new day. You may even start waking before the alarm in anticipation of a well-rested night creating a powerfully productive day.