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5am Leg Day with Sean Torbati of HPN

For all my clients at CRAVEPT you can get a sneak peak into my training day with Sean Torbati of HPN.

He has so aptly named me “Ice T.” Maybe because I made him wake up and train at 5am.

Workout at bottom if you would like to try it out.


Warm Up: – 5 min Stairmaster – Leg extension 2 sets x 15 reps – Leg curl 2 sets x 15 reps – Leaning Lunge Groin/Hip Stretch Workout: – Goblet Squat – Leg Press – Hack Squat – Seated Calf Press Check out my company’s bad ass products here: Pro Zero Plant Based Natural Protein: N(r) NAD+ Booster: My mission...


Drinking Games: Getting Low

Here we are; week 3, the saga continues!

I thought I would start out by telling you some fun things that happened to me this week.

I have been spending more time in bright and new places and less time in dark and mold soaked bar mat kind of places.

Each place I go to daily has its purpose or salvation.

First there is work, my favorite place in the world where I get to see all my Crave PT Family and live my dream career.

Second, HB Max Muscle is where I go to have the owner pinch at my fat and put me down emotionally (but don’t worry he is just breaking me down to build me back up. LOL.) I also eat my food like a ravenous hyena in his back room where I stare at the life-sized poster of Ms. I...


Drinking Games: Results are in!

Reporting to you live from Soberville USA, Population…..not too many in Orange County.

It’s been a trying 14 days on dry land. I’ve been tempted to go on a bender more than once. I’ve even contemplated putting beer into my mouth and then spitting it out like a fine wine in Napa Valley.

For a girl who loves her beer I will say this…..If I can do this, anyone can do this! (At least once in their lifetime)

Now the question is, are all my efforts in vein or is there a purpose to my mission that makes this struggle worth all the social sacrifice?

Here are the results of 2 weeks detoxing from my usual booze-filled weekend at the bars:

Body fat down 2.8%!!!!!!!!! (*Pats h...


Drinking Games: The Struggle is Real

So, it’s been one week since we embarked on this journey, about 10 days sober at this point.

10 use to be the number of beers I would drink on a Saturday.

My how things for me have changed. And that is exactly what I want to share with you reading along at home.

Whenever you make a change in your life there is an illumination process.

Your self-perception of the change made and how it pertains to you, the illumination of who will still be by your side through the change and how your life will be effected by said change.

Well here is what was illuminated for me:

1. Drunk people are annoying when you are not one of them. I am not a good designated driver for them.

2. I have two kinds of friends...


Drinking Games: Intro

“ They took the time to become well-versed in the intricacies of our business, and instead of reveals at set milestones, we were in constant communication throughout the process. ”

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