The Basics of Core Training, Part One: Stabilization

When it comes to building a solid midsection, there’s a lot of very outdated information floating around out there on the internet. Ranging from a belief that doing endless reps of crunches will magically scorch the fat off your tummy (it won’t), to those who think they don’t ever need any direct abdominal training at all and can instead get all their core work done from heavy Deadlifts and Back Squats.

This three-part series is going to give you a path through the noise and take you from couch potato to six-pack savage.

Intelligent core training starts by building a foundation of rock-solid stability and then upon that unshakeable base; forging a set of jaw dropping abdominals worthy of any of your favorite Marvel supe...


Take a Nap

Have you ever come close to falling asleep at the wheel?I am sure you have fallen asleep on a loved one or started dozing off mid-meeting at work.Think about that experience or if its every day then your most recent.Now imagine feeling that tired all day every day. From the moment you awake until you crash in your bed or on your couch because the bed was too far and too much work to reach.As humans we are doing too much, not sleeping enough, not fueling our bodies correctly and subjecting ourselves to too many lights and not enough nature. We are walking around that tired and we don’t even realize it any longer. In fact it’s normal.As humans we are becoming more tired as the days and years tick by.The problem is the...

Push-ups for Wishes


Spartan & Super Dad

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The Truth about Holiday Weight Gain

Millions of Americans will once again gain those extra lb.s over the holidays.

For many it’s an expected gain that comes along with the season. "Oh I always pack on a few winter pounds."

It seems almost American that we overeat too often and exercise too little this time of the year. Between holiday parties or colder weather the motivation to workout becomes smaller and less frequent. The excuses become easy to find and then we start packing layers of clothes on to hide the fact that we are neglecting our bodies. The mentality is, "I'll worry about it in the new year."

While the holiday weight gain is not always dramatic, getting rid off the extra pounds afterwards can be a real challenge.

“Americans probably gain only a pound ...

Keep Burning

Keep Burning!

This is the motto for the Orange Theory gyms popping up all around us.

Seems like a great marketing tactic. Isn’t that what you are seeking?

The ultimate calorie burn?!

Most think that this is what it’s all about. “The more I burn the faster I will lose weight.”

What if I told you this is deception that has been planted into your brain?

A fitness club will say anything to get you in the door of their club.

Now if you are choosing to exercise then I say great job! Doesn’t matter how you get your exercise just do it! However, you should understand the science behind exercise and diet and how these scales balance or outweigh one another to create or inhibit a result or change in your body and ult...

The Art of Losing FAT, Honestly

I have owned CRAVEPT for a little over 5 years now.

When a client steps on a scale they are instantly discouraged if the number they had in their head doesn’t show up. But where does this number come from?

Is their expectation ever realistic?

What I try to educate my clients about are the REAL numbers.

Stepping on a scale isn’t just spitting out your pounds in FAT.

Your total body weight is made up of fluctuating numbers

1) muscle

2) bone

3) organs

4) fluids (including blood)

5) body fat

6) waste inside your digestive tract

7) glycogen (the form of carbohydrate you stock away for fuel).

So, the next time you step on the scale consider that the number you see may vary based on fluctuations in the amount of water in your body,...

Overcoming Self-Doubt with Nichole Kanigowski

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