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New Year, Old Results…Again


As we enter 2020, you may find yourself reflecting on your passed resolutions. Were you able to meet your aspirations? If so, amazing! Give yourself a round of applause.

If not, you’re not alone. Statistically it is said that 80 percent of New Year’s resolutions fail by February. Is that shocking to you? As a personal trainer of over a decade I have known this for a while because I see if first hand every year.

It’s really an unfortunate joke in our industry. We know everyone comes in with the best intentions but more often than not, the goal a client brings to us is not met because they do not stay the course. As trainers we are not given the chance to connect the dots and...


The Art of Losing FAT, Honestly


I have owned CRAVEPT for a little over 10 years now….

When a client steps on a scale they are instantly discouraged if the number they had in their head doesn’t show up. But where does this number come from?

Is their expectation ever realistic?

What I try to educate my clients about are the REAL numbers.

Stepping on a scale isn’t just spitting out your pounds in FAT.

Your total body weight is made up of fluctuating numbers

1) muscle

2) bone

3) organs

4) fluids (including blood)

5) body fat

6) waste inside your digestive tract

7) glycogen (the form of carbohydrate you stock away for fuel).

So, the next time you step on the scale consider that the number you see may vary based on fluct...


Push Ups For Wishes

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The Basics of Core Training, Part One: Stabilization

When it comes to building a solid midsection, there’s a lot of very outdated information floating around out there on the internet. Ranging from a belief that doing endless reps of crunches will magically scorch the fat off your tummy (it won’t), to those who think they don’t ever need any direct abdominal training at all and can instead get all their core work done from heavy Deadlifts and Back Squats.

This three-part series is going to give you a path through the noise and take you from couch potato to six-pack savage.

Intelligent core training starts by building a foundation of rock-solid stability and then upon that unshakeable base; forging a set of jaw dropping abdomina...



Take a Nap

Have you ever come close to falling asleep at the wheel?
I am sure you have fallen asleep on a loved one or started dozing off mid-meeting at work.
Think about that experience or if its every day then your most recent.
Now imagine feeling that tired all day every day. From the moment you awake until you crash in your bed or on your couch because the bed was too far and too much work to reach.
As humans we are doing too much, not sleeping enough, not fueling our bodies correctly and subjecting ourselves to too many lights and not enough nature. We are walking around that tired and we don’t even realize it any longer. In fact it’s normal.
As humans we are becoming more tired a...


Spartan & Super Dad

We have amazing clients at CRAVE Personal Training and Boot Camp.
I have a hard time not bragging all the time. Caring, original, motivated people who I love sharing my days with train here in Huntington Beach.
Here is someone who continued to inspire not just myself, but I know he inspires other clients and most definitely is a hero to his two children.
So if you think being a mom or dad excludes you from doing wild and crazy things in the gym and out, check out his story. He received his Spartan Trifecta metals this year which means he accomplished and completed three daunting obstacle races. Not only did he complete them but finished in the top of these races.
No surprise to us here at CRAVE ...


Replace Motivation with This!


Motivation is a word thrown around so often now that I think people can actually feel guilty for not “waking up motivated.”

Let me tell you a secret, NO ONE wakes up daily motivated. We all have luls or ruts. We’re humans who get tired or want to relax or take it easy or reward ourselves for hard work rather than do it.

So how do we find a way to continue doing daily what we know we should do. The things that will make us better, healthier and more successful?

Here is my quick tip to staying on top:

#1 What is the most important thing to you in the world?

#2 What can you do daily to make sure that #1 stays on top in your life?

#3 What coutner productive behavoir can you shoot dow...

“ They took the time to become well-versed in the intricacies of our business, and instead of reveals at set milestones, we were in constant communication throughout the process. ”

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