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Is personal training a luxury?


With all the options out there, it’s easy to debate if a personal trainer is a luxury.
Let’s consider that we all respond in unique ways to exercise, diet, and fitness routines so is it any wonder that in order to find the perfect science equation for your body you may need to consult an expert fitness coach?


Personal trainers are sought out by those looking for serious and long term results rather than crash 30 day weight loss or dieting just suited for a vacation or event upcoming.

A personal trainer is a fitness expert if you stumble upon Crave Personal Fitness in Huntington Beach. The qualified and specialized team of coaches know there way around body transformations and nutrition regimes that give long lasting results and not only transform a client’s physical body but their emotional state. Clients report having more energy, better results in the work place, confidence boosts and increased motivation to stay the course or reach goals beyond their initial goals.

Sounds great but why the price tag you ask? Like you pay a doctor not for your time in the office but for their years in education, The same can be said for a certified personal trainer with years of experience and credentials in the science of exercise and nutrition.

Along with the expertise you are paying for accountability, motivation, safety and avoidance of injury or possibly rehabilitation of an old injury and personalization which is the key to your success.

Boring workouts rarely continue to be followed and random workouts with no science behind them rarely furnish results. Your personal trainer is here to guide you down the perfect path to your personalized results.


Injuries can plague you and keep you out of the gym or set you back from your goals but your coach is going to ensure that you are completing all of the exercises safely and effectively and protecting your bones joints and muscles each session.

Working out alone can often result in skipping reps or exercises maybe even leaving the gym earlier than planned because you have no motivation or lack interest in performing your set routine. Your personal trainer will provide you motivation and encouragement to complete your workouts with power, necessary intensity, and allow you to take pride in what you are accomplishing.


If you consider what the average person wastes on gym memberships they don’t use, weight loss challenges they don’t complete, supplements or fat loss products that never provide… You may reconsider that as low as $40 an hour you are making a very intelligent investment in yourself. This investment will have a return that you can count on so invest wisely my friends and come see us at Crave Personal Training!