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Drinking Games: Results are in!

Reporting to you live from Soberville USA, Population…..not too many in Orange County.

It’s been a trying 14 days on dry land. I’ve been tempted to go on a bender more than once. I’ve even contemplated putting beer into my mouth and then spitting it out like a fine wine in Napa Valley.

For a girl who loves her beer I will say this…..If I can do this, anyone can do this! (At least once in their lifetime)

Now the question is, are all my efforts in vein or is there a purpose to my mission that makes this struggle worth all the social sacrifice?

Here are the results of 2 weeks detoxing from my usual booze-filled weekend at the bars:

Body fat down 2.8%!!!!!!!!! (*Pats herself on the back)

I also lost 4″ on my waist, bye bye beer gut!

Weight is up 125.5 from 125 but my muscle mass is 96lbs now from 92.2lbs, I am adding muscle due to my lifting schedule and that is my personal preference to be more muscular, not everyone has to go that route.

My water levels went from 60% to a healthier, less dehydrated 62.6% which means my body can operate on a higher level and I am more vascular (more veins and details show when I workout.)

I swear every day I hoped that my weigh-in would show no progress so I could quit and go back to Taco Tuesday and Sunday Fun-day… but my friends, it IS working.

Alcohol really does dumb down our systems and make less effective fat burning machines out of us.

I’d like to say the hard part is over but each weekend I will be tuning in Tokyo to see if I can survive the OC lifestyle with clarity of mind and lack of fermented beverages.

Here are the things that have helped me:

-Accountability of social media such as this blog

-Accountability of a coach who cares, checks in and my weekly weigh-ins

-Venting at times but doing the work

-Planning my workouts and supplementing them for optimal performance

-Meal prepping EACH & EVERY food item I will consume in the week on Sundays (instead of endless champagne brunch)

Signing off sober,

Taryn Nicole