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Why I walk for CHOC

When Evelyn asked CRAVEPT and the family to support her in her walk for CHOC coming up October 30th I was happy to lend a hand and be a sponsor to such a great hospital.

When I asked her what this walk meant to her and why she was so passionate about the cause this is the compelling story she shared with me.

I hope you find that it touches your heart as much as mine and if it does there is a link at the bottom of this blog that will allow you to donate to her. You can donate any amount. $1- $100 its all for a worthy cause.

“I’ve been participating in the CHOC walk since 2008 as part of Cal State Fullerton’s ‘Child Development Association.’

Most recently a close friend of my husband and I gave birth to a child with bohring-opitz disease.

Only 60 children around the world are born with the disease and there is very minimal research as to the causes and/or cure.

Watching our friends find the strength and joy to care for their son daily is beyond commendable.

For the past two years we have worked together with CHOC to raise money to support research for the 60 children with BOS!

Because of CHOC Gavin has lived 2 years doctors past the doctors expectations. Gavin is now 5 years old!

Being surrounded by other families and community members who continue to fight for the well being of children encourages me to increase the amount of money I dedicate to raise!

We all have a million reasons to walk and these are mine!” -Evelyn B.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE donate anything you can. Become involved or simply support.

By doing so you are supporting the life of a child. Someone is our community can spend another year or even a lifetime with their child and that is a priceless gift.

Much love to all who help!!!!! xoxoxo -Taryn