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What’s the Difference?


What are you a part of if you join Crave today?

Here is the story about Crave and might help you figure out if we are the gym for you or not.
At Crave we believe we have a special secret and it’s not the exercise and the nutrition. It’s the total package. It’s the essentials plus the extras you can’t put a dollar sign on.
I’ve turned people away because they just weren’t ready for change. We accept those ready to change, no exceptions!
We believe in changing ourselves to reach the fullness of our individual potential. We believe that can’t happen without letting others in to help us. Geese will fly 70% further in a flock then on their own and so we believe we can become 70% more than who we currently are with help and community of others; both friends and trainers.
We don’t believe in BS. We aren’t going to tell you that you are losing weight if you aren’t. We aren’t tipping scales to boost you ego. We won’t tell you “Great job” if it wasn’t true. Here we earn our “Atta Boys!”
Taryn BlogWe believe in giving each day and each training session your all, not only for yourself, but those around you and those at home whom you influence. We are raising up better individuals through health and fitness. We are spreading this infectious work ethic and kindness to the community we live in. We believe that changing is more than skin deep.
You may hear a lot about the “CRAVE FAMILY” and think we are just using that as a ploy to sound inviting, but it’s REAL! Our community shares in each others lives in and out of the gym. It’s not something asked or expected, but it’s what has come to be.
We all want to give up and give in, but our family pulls us back up and makes sure we see the finish line with a friend.
We believe everyone is a leader here. There are no titles that give you the ability to lead, but its set in each of us from birth.
We want people to change their lifestyles… not their diet and routine for 6 weeks. Change means never reverting back to who you once were or the behavior you once participated in. We constantly evolve.
If you are looking for a gym to take your monthly without question, the area is saturated in similar- sounding gyms. But the truth is that none are comparable to the heart of this gym. We work hard, we endure and we give back for all that we receive.
We Crave more!!!!