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What Does Fitranx Mean to Me?


You grind day in, day out.

You work, you cook, you clean, you hit the gym, and you fall off the wagon because you had a birthday
party over the weekend, and you hop on the scale, no results, and let’s start the cycle all over again.
What do you have to be proud of? What have you accomplished? When is your pat on the back coming?
The thing about fitness is that it’s actually about being “Fit” not about looking a certain way.
It’s about extending the longevity and the quality of your life in your body so you can enjoy your family and the things life has to offer.
People who understand being fit and healthy is a part of the life pie are statistically the most successful and highest grossing income folks.
All this being said, I see it time and time again. People judging their success and failure off one number.
The one they see on the scale. The one that doesn’t tell the whole story. Doesn’t tell you how much muscle and fat you are holding, how hard you worked in the gym, what kind of person you are.
The scale can only read one thing, how much does your lump of flesh, bone, fat and muscle weigh in pounds.
It’s time to life larger, accept more, be held to a REAL standard that is measurable in more ways than pounds.
I fell in love with Fitranx the first time I held a gym test day and saw what it was really about.
I knew that Fitranx testing meant we could efficiently track our client’s strength gains in all major muscle groups as well as methodically improve their conditioning levels to improve their stamina and VO2 max, which is why I joined the program. What I did not know is what it would do the mental psyche of the clients, how it would change the energy of the gym or the camaraderie it would bring to everyone involved.
When a client tests during one of our monthly events not only do they perform exercises to a set standard that they could not do coming into the gym but they prove something to themselves.
All their work is no longer in vein. They feel accomplished. They feel motivated for more.
When clients are testing they are being cheered on by their peers, respected by onlookers and praised by their trainers. The room is alive and if you came in not know one another you will probably leave best friends.
Fitranx at Crave is helping us build better bodies and healthier lifestyles rather than produce on again, off again dieters. We are building lifelong friendships, increasing people’s success levels not only in the gym but in their homes, relationships, and businesses.
If you are worried about investing your money in a gym that will not come through for you, worry no longer.
If you are scared to jump into your first test, there is nothing to fear but fear itself.
If you are in the system and loving it, please give me your story, your feedback…..I would love for others to hear it from the client’s perspective.
To everyone, start embracing your body instead of hating it!