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The Dedication it takes by Linda Melcher

We asked Linda Melcher, our second LEVEL 7 in the gym (client) what it took for her to not only pass but excel and impress on her recent Fitranx Test so we could share this knowledge onto you.

We want all clients striving for that coveted spot on the leader board to understand what it took for her to master level 7.

Here is what she had to say:

“I’ve been involved with the Fitranx program for about one year working thru the the levels.

I focused specifically for testing level 7 for a 5 week period.

This training included; personal training with Nathan 3 hours per week (focusing on the concepts) and then boot camp classes and small group classes 7 hours per week.

I try to work out everyday incorporating strength training and cardio workouts. I have made a commitment to workout 10 hours per week. Monday-Saturday.

I do this type of workout routine regularly; however for the 5 weeks prior to the Fitranx test I never missed a day and focused each workout to get the most out of them as I could.

I was also focused on my diet and got a weekly massage prior to the test. My biggest challenge was staying focused on my workouts and diet making sure I was getting strong enough to do the test.

My one on one training gave more attention to my form and practice on specific areas I needed improvement. I also was able to run thru the test with Nathan.

My goal was to master each exercise in Level 7 not just to pass it. I feel like I mastered each exercise.

I was nervous while doing the strength part of the test; however when I started the conditioning part I was confident I could finish.

When I finished I felt like I achieved my goal. Making a physical goal and reaching it is a tangible accomplishment. I felt like the time and effort I put into training was a success. I felt happy and part of a great program with other people all trying to achieve results.

It was hard for me to stay on my exercise and diet routine. At times I wondered if this was all worth it but exercise and diet require a certain discipline that not all people are willing to put in.

I didn’t have any set backs other than overcoming my fear of the one leg box jumps!!! Then I thought if I am not working toward this what am I doing? Fitranx gave me objective goals to work for.

I tell people each level was hard for me. Take one level at a time and try to master it. Overtime going thru these tests and going thru the practices contributed to making me stronger physically and more confident.

The support I felt and friends I have made with the coaches and people at CRAVEPT will stay with me. It means a lot to me to be part of something like this with the great people at Crave. Without the support I felt from everyone I don’t know if I could have completed the test.

I want to test for Level 8. With a plan I believe I can do it!