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The Challenge

The biggest challenge people face is making changes in their life that do not directly and immediately benefit them or bring them pleasure.

This is why most people wait until they are over weight and unhappy with their appearance or get a major health scare before they decide to take action to exercise and eat right.

By this time their work is cut out for them. It isn’t about building a foundation its about ripping down the house they built poorly and then once demo is done laying a new foundation and then finally building a new home with the right materials and built by the most qualified builders.

The only way to eradicate old habits and bad behaviors is what I like to call a “full submersion.”

This is why we create 30 and 60 day challenges. We have to rip down that old creaking house. We have to make working out a part of your day and your week. It must become an appointment with yourself. One you can not miss. Treat this appointment as if to miss it would be to lose a job or stand up a loved one. Then we need to find out when and how food fits into your life and adjust your eating habits to ones that will not only allow you to lose weight and build muscle but to keep your energy sustained all day, to allow you better sleep and a better mood but best of all make you happy and satisfied.

For years I have only been able to offer my clients menus, recipes, meal plans. Then I would send them off into the world and guess what? They wouldn’t make the food, they didn’t follow the plan and they failed or had less success then what they wanted because they didn’t incorporate the marriage of nutrition and fitness.

You can train all day and never lose a pound if you don’t marry nutrition into the picture. Just like you can eat right but if you don’t workout your bones will become brittle and your muscles weak and tight and your flexibilty and mobility will cease to exist and then your heart.

This is the first program that I know if Fool-proof!!!

THE CHALLENGE is no challenge at all, it is a perfect plan. The only challenge is to find an excuse why you can’t do it.

Can you afford to be unhappy? Do you spend $30/day on food and drinks now? Then this is the time. No more excuses.

Amazing food delivered fresh never frozen each week. Monday thru Friday enjoy 2 meals, 2 snacks and a protein shake. Lose 2-8lbs weekly and with the incorporation of exercise available to you from 5am to 6pm 6 days a week and have a coach on your side cheering you on, answering questions and monitoring your progress every step of the way. You aren’t doing it alone. Our community is the best in the city. All of our clients are enthusiastic, motivated, friendly and here to help give you one more reason to keep coming every day.

30 days later… house is demo’d, foundation laid and we’re starting to build this new house brick by brick with our hands.

Can you picture your new house? Your new body? The place you will feel happy to live, move, dance, play!

Click below to say yes to THE CHALLENGE:


Tony is still with us and still building his house, but look what 30 days can do!