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Replace Motivation with This!


Motivation is a word thrown around so often now that I think people can actually feel guilty for not “waking up motivated.”

Let me tell you a secret, NO ONE wakes up daily motivated. We all have luls or ruts. We’re humans who get tired or want to relax or take it easy or reward ourselves for hard work rather than do it.

So how do we find a way to continue doing daily what we know we should do. The things that will make us better, healthier and more successful?

Here is my quick tip to staying on top:

#1 What is the most important thing to you in the world?

#2 What can you do daily to make sure that #1 stays on top in your life?

#3 What coutner productive behavoir can you shoot down and quit today?

#4 Plan it, put in the calendar, write it on your mirror or by your desk. Remind yourself about #1 daily in some kind of meditation or ritual.

My repsonse:

#1 My future ability to have a family

#2 I need to accel at work

#3 Surfing social media too long

#4 I have times of the day scheduled in my calendar to utilize social media for work and browsing. I put the apps on a hidden page so I don’t feel tempted to click them when I see my phone.

See how I have one small change I can make today to help me stay out of the patterns I know that I fall into? You see how a large dream can have smalland tangible steps. example; being self employed I need to make a stable income and have a promising career so that I can financially support a family in the future and all the expense that come along with that. How can I excel in my career if am distracted?

How might I fail?

If I give in and decide looking at social media too frequently is more important than my larger dream.

Perhaps if I hang around people who are not productive and who also spend too much time in their social media apps.

How can I help myself even further to remove the opportunity to fail?

Schedule in what I need to do each day to leave less time for that ye of leisre. example: take more meetings, exercise, walk dog on beach to clear mind and get out of that pattern of behavior. Last and most importantly; get a support system or person. Someone to hold me accountable and call me on my shhhhhh.

Today I encourage you to stop quitting on your goals and dreams for momentary satisfaction.

A desert when you want to lose weight, the TV when you promised yourself you would read a self improvement book, going out drinking when you wanted to work out, working too late when your family misses you.

If you need help when it comes to exercise and nutrition as a part of this equation we are here for you to guide you.

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