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Overcoming Self-Doubt with Nichole Kanigowski

How long did you train for the Fitranx Level 7 strength and conditioning test?

Honestly, there was not really a set time frame. Every time I worked out I was working toward my goal of passing my level 7 test and every time that I skipped a workout I was making my goal that much harder to accomplish.

I started talking about level 7 with my coach and trainer, Taryn Peters, as soon as I passed 6 and it was one year from that date that I tested.

I became consistent at training and putting in the hard work for about 4 months to really be ready to test.

How many days/hours per week do you train for this and in general for your health and fitness?

I was training 4-5 days a week, 2 of the days were hour long small group training which is where the bulk of the work was done.

In general I try to get to the Gym at least 4-5 days a week even if it is a boot camp.

What were the biggest challenges?

For me being consistent was a huge challenge.

Getting up at 4:30 daily to get into the gym for a 5am session is not easy for me. These are the sacrafices one must make to be successful I guess!

What concepts were not found in boot camp classes that you needed to learn in your 1-1 training?

Traversing push-ups, single leg box jumps, banded kettle bell swings, Turkish get up, the double kettlebell windmill. I think tire flips are being incorporated into Saturday workouts now, but before they were not, so these as well.

The reality is that the coaches expect perfect form on these concepts and they love to share their knowledge for the proper technique so it would be impossible to pass level 6 or 7 without a semi-private or private training program. It’s jsut a chance to learn, grow and take it to the next level.

How did it feel to pass?

Freakin GREAT!

It was not by any means easy and I was incredibly happy that I passed and had my name up there on the leaderboard with my trainers Taryn and Nathan.

You never realize what your body is capable of until you give it the opportunity to show you.

What were any positive or negative emotions leading up?

Negative feelings were honestly self doubt.

The thought I would not be able to pass one or some of the elements of the test sometimes out shined my hard work.

Any set backs on the journey?

I had a to a lot of travel for work Sept-Nov. Also the Holidays.

Eating well was something I needed to do to make sure all the work I was trying to put in didn’t go to waste. Simply being able to do push ups requires you to keep your body weight low and healthy.

Anything else you would tell people wanting to get to 7?

Be consistent! Stay positive and have fun. If you want to pass and you put in the effort…you will

Do you plan to try for 8?

I think putting it out there as a goal to reach can only help me.

Having something to work toward gives you a reason to keep working….so in short…Yes