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Natural Health Momma

Introducing our very own featured “Mommy blog” for healthy and organic tips, tricks and recipes.

This amazing super mom blogger is a Crave PT ‘in-home’ training client who I have quickly come to admire.

Sara called me at Crave because being healthy and fit was important to her and her husband Chris but with two young twin boys working out in a gym seemed nearly impossible beacuse that means sitters or trading off time slots.

Most moms would have quit here.

She persistently contacted me until we connected and now week 4 into training she is making wonderful progress along side her hubby.

This awesome couple workout together, eat clean, make concienceous lifestyle decisions based on the health and sustainable benefits of their choices and it seems to me that they are working hard to provide the best possible life for their adorable twins; Maximus and Rocco.


I want to offer a place of support for all your moms out there, all you women who one day want to become moms like myself.

It is not talked about often enough what struggles women encounter daily with their bodies and trying to house a child inside for 9 months requires you as a female to be responsible with your body and what you put in and the exercise you provide for it.

I am here to help with the exercise and nutrition but Sara, highly educated in this field, is SO creative and she knows so many wonderful things first hand through her own personal life experience in dealing with PCOS and switching to an all natural way of eating and living.

Through her own lifestyle change she can tell you all the physical and mental benefits for herself and her family and I know that you will learn from her, relate to her and just simply enjoy all the beautiful and creative crafts she has to share with you.

If you are a female looking to get pregnant, currently pregnant or trying to get back in shape post baby please contact our highly certified trainers today and let us help you with this next step.