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Leg Day with Taryn & Sean Torbati of HPN

I always love to share my love of training with you guys at home trying to workout on your own and my very own clients who don’t always get to see my workouts.

I love challenging myself and learning from others to this day.

Working out alone can get lonely, that is why I love Crave Pt so much and designed it to be a place where you will never have a lonely, lazy or boring workout again.

Check out the latest video with the hilarious genius Sean Torbati of High Performance Nutrition.

WuTang Clan Icee T Deadlifts + Epic Warmup and Tips

Honorary member of the Wu-Tang Clan Taryn Peters (aka Icee T) and I got together for an early morning Deadlift session worthy of the legendary rap group. I also show my movement prep warmup for Deadlifts and solve the age old issue of how to get the weights on and off the bar.