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I’m telling you that you can!

Why being a Nutrition Coach was not a choice!

The last year I have worked towards the solution for the problem I was seeing daily.

People do not know what to eat. Paleo, low carb, high fat, how much protein, what is healthy and what is going to get me muscle or get me thin? I noticed that my clients were constantly being fed misleading information and beocming exceedingly more frustrated with their progress because as hard as they tried they were not reaching their goals.

Too many people in our community and the US are overweight. Not only do we dislike our bodies but we are shaving years off our lives. The harsh reality; people are killing themselves.

Being partnered up with Healthy Body Nutrition was the obvious answer. Becoming a client of Healthy Body myself was step one. In the last six months I’ve gotten back to high school shape and better! What makes Healthy Body different?First off, working with a dietitian is key. Everyone thinks they can give a meal plan but who wants to eat chicken and brown rice every day? Not to mention that these personal trainers aren’t the most qualified coaches and what they give you is a baseline understanding about your nutritional needs and it is not an all encompassing plan. Second is the idea of flexible dieting. Never saying no to foods you love but finding a healthy relationship with these foods and getting a hold of portion control, emotional eating and boosting your metabolism back to where it should be.

I am able to give people the freedom to eat foods they love and figure out how to be the controller of their own bodies and that is the most rewarding feeling for me as a coach thus far.

There is so much misleading information out there right now. Depending on if you are reading a magazine, browsing the internet or coming across an ad for a product or diet. I want to tell people that it is ALL FALSE information. These companies are selling you a gimmick, a product, a short-term resolution to a lifetime problem. Anything that you cannot sustain for life is the wrong choice. Deprivation is not the answer for you.

30 day challenges are something I run at CRAVEPT because they are a way to help motivate people to break old habits, make positive changes in their diets and feel the reward of losing weight or to see positive changes in their bodies. The problem with 30 day challenges is that in 30 days, they end. Our body shouldn’t have to take the abuse we put it through by eating poorly for years and then giving it only 30 days to try and reboot and work for us before we thrash it all over again.

This type of behavior is unacceptable and unhealthy. Our bodies work well. They’re perfectly made. It is our choices that un-make them. We starve ourselves, deprive ourselves and then binge and overeat and our metabolisms cannot work efficiently in these conditions. Our bodies need proper nourishment each day so that when we have a day off the charts our body is equipped to handle that, and it will.

You can cheat, you can have a “bad day” or a day of excessive caloric intake. But what we all know and don’t want to admit is that this “bad day” has to be the minority and the days we properly feed and train our bodies in the gym needs to be the majority. There is no secret to a great body and good health. It is just the discipline to say no and to say yes, the right way.

So how do we say yes, the right way? You want a brownie once a day? There is a way to make this happen with Healthy Body Nutrition. Will we let you eat crap all day? Will we make you starve all day for that brownie? NO, but if life is about balance then we will find the balance for you to have that brownie or tacos or whatever foods you cannot live without. We will line up your day with what you want and what you need and coach you every step of the way to understand the process so that you can make your own independent swaps for food when you are out or when you want to mix it up. We’re not robots and we understand people want to be social or to enjoy their food and play with recipes.

You will not eat the same food every day unless that is what you prefer. The choice is yours. The power gets put back into your hands. No more guessing, that is what we provide. No more gimmicks. No more short term answers for a lifetime problem. If you saw a personal trainer 6 days out of the week you would be in amazing shape, right? A nutrition coach is just the same. You will have the best body fat ratio of your life when you follow our protocol. Now put training and nutrition together and you are healthy, your heart is happy, your lunges work, your cells are great, your skin/hair/nails growing and fresh and guess what? Now your energy levels are the best they’ve ever been. You are getting the best sleep you have ever had. Your mind is free to be all that you are and all that you’ve ever wanted to be. All you envision is now your reality.

You have a hold of your health and you are happy with what you see in the mirror and that is the confidence I want to give all of my clients so that they can advance in their jobs, their relationships, their lives!!! to check out the details and then email me: