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Get Motivated NOW!


For me motivation is many things.

1. To show myself who I am, what I am made of and what I can accomplish first and fore most!

2. To hopefully lead by example to those around me including you, my friends, my family and my co-trainers

3. To seize this life and let other’s stories inspire me

Here is someone who has an amazing story and a nature unlike anyone else on earth. He is rough around the edges and he uses profanity (warning) but this guy has a secret recipe and I want more of it in my life daily.

Find who inspires and motivates you aside from yourself and those who look up to you.

We all need someone to sharpen our iron.

Here is one of my inspirations:

Please enjoy and lets seize this new year!

Effort Is So Important (speech by CT Fletcher) | Motivational Video

Motivational video featuring CT Fletcher speech – training and life motivation. CT Fletcher is a world champion powerlifter who has gone through open heart surgery and fought to get back in the gym, regardless of what the doctors said. He is an inspiration and motivator for millions of people around the globe.