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Cryotherapy Benefits for Women!

Recently the feedback from our females clients has been amazing.

Women that suffer from menstrual cramps and or mood swings during that special time of the month have noticed a considerable relief in pain but most importantly in their mood.

CRYO for only 3 minutes gives a boost to energy, cell regeneration and shot of adrenaline that is not comparable to Midol or a hot compress.

My moms say that they suffer from anxiety due to the hustle of life taxing each moment of their day; from taking kids around like a taxi from point A to B, managing the house and often a job, this is a great stress reliever no doubt.

Energy Levels will increase especially around that 2pm time when we all get a bit tired but need to finish the day off….CryoTherapy will give you that Boost of energy to finish strong.

Now, what about the Skin? Oh yes, most of our females clients can feel and see their skin quality improve after 2 weeks or 5 to 7 sessions later. Firmer tighter looking skin which is always a plus

My clients training regularly, styaing hydrated and visiting cryo 1-3 times per week have described the change in their skin’s tightness and firmness as a, “Night and day difference.”

The benefits don’t stop there for women. Regarding weight loss, I’m not going to say this will cause immediate loss of weight but this will increase your performance in the gym which in returns allows you to burn more calories and push more weight. This is a game changer if used consistently with working out…

The final touch or icing on the cryo cake is in an increase in sleep or feeling well rested after a night’s sleep. This has been a common theme for both men and women! When we are rested we can accomplish much more in the day than feeling drowsy or blah! In just 3 minutes a few days a week Cryotherapy will Change your days!

Nothing good is easy, cryotherapy included, however if you can incorporate a few sessions a week consistent your body and mind will give you the answers!

-Mylon (Owner HB Cryorehab)

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I personally use Cryotherapy 1-2x weekly to reduce muscle inflammation, rehab for my torn labrum, the amazing energy boost and cell rejuvenation and skin improvement.

-Taryn (Owner CravePT)