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Corporate Gyms Still Suck!

In 1992 Mark Seliger was the photographer assigned by ‘The Rolling Stones’ magazine to shoot the cover featuring the famous grunge rock band, Nirvana.

Mark Seliger had asked the band not to wear any shirts with writing on them for the shoot. This was a common expectation for covers to avoid promoting a brand without compensation.

When the band arrived for the shoot, one by one each member came out of their van laughing and last out was lead singer, Kurt Cobain. As Kurt Cobain walked towards the shoot he unbuttoned his signature cardigan underneath was a white Tshirt that he had written on with a sharpie during the drive over and the shirt read, “Corporate magazines still suck.”

This cover ended up being one of the most iconic covers of all times.

This story resonated with my friend, Michael Triolo of Impact Fitness and when he shared it with me I was instantly intrigued.

We adopted this rebellious slogan and adapted it to what we consider a topic of importance, small businesses.

We crafted a design that showcased our personal training gyms. With all of the corporate gyms coming into Huntington Beach from 2016 until the present it makes gyms like ours eager more than ever to spread awareness about the importance of supporting small business over corporate or shopping in your city versus purchasing online.

If you love your community you should invest in it!

Or gyms give back to the city, we unite the city, we care about each of our members and that is why we feel passionately about people coming to our facilities over corporate gyms.

Even as two separate gyms in the same city we keep a symbiotic relationship.

Our hope is for these shirts to act as a public service announcement regarding shopping local and supporting small business and we hope to build a platform for others to follow in.

You can purchase on of these shirts here: