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A Successful Routine

So I got a chance to sit down and talk to one of our most dedicated members, Dr. Jonathan Ford about his journey here to Crave and about being an HB local. I was excited to share the story he told because I think many people can take from it. I see members come and go. Some achieve more than they set out and some fall short, to be honest.

Recently Jonathan has been on fire in the gym and passed his level 4 Fitranx Test like a true champion and it made me curious….why the change now? Here is his story!

Tell us how you came to be a dentist and small business owner?

I always wanted to work in the medical industry. I had family members who worked in medicine and also members who were dentist. I also wanted to run my own small business. Medicine has changed and doesn’t allow that anymore. Dentistry offers the opportunity to help me improve patient’s health, while allowing me to to run my own business and have more time with my family.

Tell us about your involvement in the community, being that I met you in our club Kiwanis….

While I was in high school, I was in Key Club and worked closely with the adults in Kiwanis. We helped clean seniors homes, volunteered at the Surf City Marathon and did a bunch of other community service projects like the city wide Easter Hunt. When I moved back to Huntington Beach after dental school, the Kiwanis Club of Huntington Beach felt like home. The same fun and dedicated people that I knew in high school were still trying to make Huntington Beach a better city.

From those origins, my community involvement morphed into being the president of Kiwanis in 2014, doing dental clinics in Haiti plus a whole bunch of other things to give back.

And who convinced you to come to CravePT (LOL)…..

Taryn, you, showed up at a Kiwanis meeting and mentioned you were the owner of a gym on Adams and Alabama. I used to live on the corner of Adams and Lake. I really couldn’t ask for a gym closer to my house….a whole 15 second walk.

I showed up one Saturday morning for a boot camp and have been going ever since.

I went to an occasional boot camp for about 6 months and started noticing a few benefits.

I challenged myself to attend regularly starting a year and a half ago.

Now I do at least 3-4 boot camps per week, bright and early in the morning at 5:30.

I always read articles about successful people working out early in the morning. I was skeptical, but really made an effort to make it a habit about a year ago. I have definitely noticed a change and will continue waking up early. There are a couple of reasons why.

#1 I always get my workout in. I wake up at 5am when no one else is up, so nothing gets in my way. It is the only time when I can put myself first and take care of me. When I used to work out in the afternoon, I would skip workouts because something would come up or I would be running late and not put in the full time.

#2 I feel invigorated and have more energy for the rest of my day. From a biochemical perspective, your body produces endorphins while working out. It a natural boost to start your day.

#3. It puts me in the right frame of mind. I was never the smartest person in school, but I was one of the hardest working. You can train your body as well as your brain. Each morning, I’m training my body and putting my best foot forward physically. It also reminds me to put in the extra effort mentally and “train my brain” by learning something new. It reminds me to never be satisfied and always look to improve myself.

The trainers and the people at Crave keep me accountable to myself. There is always something to work on or to improve on. Crave makes sure your whole body gets a workout. Before coming to this gym, I would only focus on areas that I liked to work out and skip the stuff I didn’t like. Now, my entire body is healthy and in shape. The more you take care of something, the longer it stays around. The same goes for your mind and body, that’s why I try to take care of it by going to bootcamps at Crave PT.

Come join us 5:30am to see Jonathan live Monday thru Friday or visit him at his office he is an amazing dentist and his office is great! He is my personally trusted HB dentist.