The Dedication it takes by Linda Melcher

We asked Linda Melcher, our second LEVEL 7 in the gym (client) what it took for her to not only pass but excel and impress on her recent Fitranx Test so we could share this knowledge onto you.

We want all clients striving for that coveted spot on the leader board to understand what it took for her to master level 7.

Here is what she had to say:

"I've been involved with the Fitranx program for about one year working thru the the levels.

I focused specifically for testing level 7 for a 5 week period.

This training included; personal training with Nathan 3 hours per week (focusing on the concepts) and then boot camp classes and small group classes 7 hours per week.

I try to work out everyday incorpo...

Why I walk for CHOC

When Evelyn asked CRAVEPT and the family to support her in her walk for CHOC coming up October 30th I was happy to lend a hand and be a sponsor to such a great hospital.

When I asked her what this walk meant to her and why she was so passionate about the cause this is the compelling story she shared with me.

I hope you find that it touches your heart as much as mine and if it does there is a link at the bottom of this blog that will allow you to donate to her. You can donate any amount. $1- $100 its all for a worthy cause.

"I've been participating in the CHOC walk since 2008 as part of Cal State Fullerton's 'Child Development Association.'

Most recently a close friend of my husband and I gave ...

Natural Allergies Remedy

I don't know about you but I experience allergies this time of year.

They can be as simple as congestion or annoying as a running nose that won't quit.

This year I have become very interested in finding as many natural remedies and supplements as possible and sticking to the doctor prescribed or non-organic items when needed.

One person I met along the way is Sara, a personal client of mine, and a wonderful natural mom blogger.

She does her research, she is smart, creative and she has twin boys who require her to live a more natural and healthy lifestyle.

Check out her tips to help clear your allergies and your kiddos allergies the natural way by clicking below:

Mother's Awareness: Infantile Spasms

Good Morning Taryn,

I wanted to share with you and wondering if you can pass this along to family and friends at the crave team. Our son was diagnosed with a fairly rare form of seizure called Infantile spasms. We are home now on our 3 day of no seizures.

My point of this e-mail is to let others know about this. Our story is a long one and my husband wanted to share with everyone.

Most people brush this type of stuff off with the attitude its not my problem, however when its your baby who is going through this it changes your life. I would love for you to share to help other babies get help in time.


I never post things like this, but this I feel is something that every pa...

Cryotherapy Benefits for Women!

Recently the feedback from our females clients has been amazing.
Women that suffer from menstrual cramps and or mood swings during that special time of the month have noticed a considerable relief in pain but most importantly in their mood.
CRYO for only 3 minutes gives a boost to energy, cell regeneration and shot of adrenaline that is not comparable to Midol or a hot compress.
My moms say that they suffer from anxiety due to the hustle of life taxing each moment of their day; from taking kids around like a taxi from point A to B, managing the house and often a job, this is a great stress reliever no doubt.
Energy Levels will increase especially around that 2pm time when we all get a bit t...

10 Steps to a Healthier You!

As a previous fitness trainer and High School Health Science Teacher, I have heard this more than a few times.

Now as a mother and a health advocate, I am hearing it even more!

There are so many diets out there that it can be overwhelming!

There is a plethora of information, but how do you narrow it down?

I would love to guide you in the right direction and direct your attention to the term “Clean Eating.”

Clean Eating is NOT a diet, its a lifestyle.

You will not be famished and hungry.

You will not be bogged down with counting calories, points, or carbs.

You won’t have to stop eating any major food group, but you will eat from a variety of foods!

Your energy will start to sky...

Natural Health Momma

Introducing our very own featured "Mommy blog" for healthy and organic tips, tricks and recipes.

This amazing super mom blogger is a Crave PT 'in-home' training client who I have quickly come to admire.

Sara called me at Crave because being healthy and fit was important to her and her husband Chris but with two young twin boys working out in a gym seemed nearly impossible beacuse that means sitters or trading off time slots.

Most moms would have quit here.

She persistently contacted me until we connected and now week 4 into training she is making wonderful progress along side her hubby.

This awesome couple workout together, eat clean, make concienceous lifestyle decisions based on the health and ...


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