I have owned CRAVEPT for a little over 5 years now.

When a client steps on a scale they are instantly discouraged if the number they had in their head doesn’t show up. But where does this number come from?

Is their expectation ever realistic?

What I try to educate my clients about are the REAL numbers.

Stepping on a scale isn’t just spitting out your pounds in FAT.

Your total body weight is made up of fluctuating numbers

1) muscle

2) bone

3) organs

4) fluids (including blood)

5) body fat

6) waste inside your digestive tract

7) glycogen (the form of carbohydrate you stock away for fuel).

So, the next time you step on the scale consider that the number you see may vary based on fluctuations in the am...

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How long did you train for the Fitranx Level 7 strength and conditioning test?
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We asked Linda Melcher, our second LEVEL 7 in the gym (client) what it took for her to not only pass but excel and impress on her recent Fitranx Test so we could share this knowledge onto you.

We want all clients striving for that coveted spot on the leader board to understand what it took for her to master level 7.

Here is what she had to say:

"I've been involved with the Fitranx program for about one year working thru the the levels.

I focused specifically for testing level 7 for a 5 week period.

This training included; personal training with Nathan 3 hours per week (focusing on the concepts) and then boot camp classes and small group classes 7 hours per week.

I try to work out everyday incorporating strength training and cardio w...

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Why being a Nutrition Coach was not a choice!

The last year I have worked towards the solution for the problem I was seeing daily.

People do not know what to eat. Paleo, low carb, high fat, how much protein, what is healthy and what is going to get me muscle or get me thin? I noticed that my clients were constantly being fed misleading information and beocming exceedingly more frustrated with their progress because as hard as they tried they were not reaching their goals.

Too many people in our community and the US are overweight. Not only do we dislike our bodies but we are shaving years off our lives. The harsh reality; people are killing themselves.

Being partnered up with Healthy Body Nutrition was the obvious answer. Becoming a ...

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So I got a chance to sit down and talk to one of our most dedicated members, Dr. Jonathan Ford about his journey here to Crave and about being an HB local. I was excited to share the story he told because I think many people can take from it. I see members come and go. Some achieve more than they set out and some fall short, to be honest.

Recently Jonathan has been on fire in the gym and passed his level 4 Fitranx Test like a true champion and it made me curious....why the change now? Here is his story!

Tell us how you came to be a dentist and small business owner?

I always wanted to work in the medical industry. I had family members who worked in medicine and also members who were dentist. I also wanted to run my own small busines...

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In 1992 Mark Seliger was the photographer assigned by 'The Rolling Stones' magazine to shoot the cover featuring the famous grunge rock band, Nirvana.
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If you missed the Fitranx Fit Expo last weekend then you missed a lot.

One of the amazing things you missed was Sean Torbati, CEO of High Performance Nutrition, coming and sampling his brand new flavor not on the shelves yet.

Our clients got to have the first taste from the owner himself.

This is one of the many reasons I am a believer in the HPN products. They are perfectly crafted, no cut corners, all natural ingredients, no lies on the labels. These products produce the best results and well......

It says a lot when the CEO can go into the local communities and be a part of events like our FitExpo and actually take real time feedback on his products.

Check out the video and then make sure you check out our next event for even more a...

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The biggest challenge people face is making changes in their life that do not directly and immediately benefit them or bring them pleasure.

This is why most people wait until they are over weight and unhappy with their appearance or get a major health scare before they decide to take action to exercise and eat right.

By this time their work is cut out for them. It isn't about building a foundation its about ripping down the house they built poorly and then once demo is done laying a new foundation and then finally building a new home with the right materials and built by the most qualified builders.

The only way to eradicate old habits and bad behaviors is what I like to call a "full submersion."

This is why we create 30 and 60 day chall...

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For me motivation is many things.

1. To show myself who I am, what I am made of and what I can accomplish first and fore most!

2. To hopefully lead by example to those around me including you, my friends, my family and my co-trainers

3. To seize this life and let other's stories inspire me

Here is someone who has an amazing story and a nature unlike anyone else on earth. He is rough around the edges and he uses profanity (warning) but this guy has a secret recipe and I want more of it in my life daily.

Find who inspires and motivates you aside from yourself and those who look up to you.

We all need someone to sharpen our iron.

Here is one of my inspirations:

Please enjoy and lets seize this new year!

Effort Is So Important (speech by CT Fletcher) | Motivational Video

Motivational video featuring CT Fletcher speech - training and life motivation. CT Fletcher is a world champion powerlifter who has gone through open heart surgery and fought to get back in the gym, regardless of what the doctors said. He is an inspiration and motivator for millions of people around the globe.

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  1. Focus on whole, minimally processed, nutrient-rich foods. This means you’ll be eating plenty of lean protein and plants — including grains. It’ll also help you limit refined grains.

  1. Make sure your grains are thoroughly cooked. Cooking food drastically reduces its lectin, phytic acid, and protease inhibitor content. For example, fully cooking kidney beans knocks their lectin content from 20,000-70,000 units down to 200-400.

  1. Try sprouted and fermented breads. To take it further, grains that have been sprouted (e.g. Ezekiel bread) or fermented (e.g. sourdough) have even lower levels of phytates, lectins, and protease inhibitors. This increases mineral bioavailability and also tends to boost the protein quality of the bread.

  1. If you suspect a problem with gluten, get tested. Go see your doctor, and get help implementing a gluten-free diet if you test positive for celiac disease.

  1. Zero in on wheat. While whole-grain wheat is likely still mildly beneficial for most (sprouted wheat might be even better), this appears to be the grain with the most problems and fewest advantages. If you’re having GI issues, it’s reasonable to see if avoiding wheat helps. Here again, talk to your doctor.

  1. Try other grain options. Variety is good. We’ve given you a list of whole grains in the beginning of this article. Try some others you don’t normally eat. Have fun expanding your horizons.

  1. Consider an elimination diet. Food sensitivities do exist, though we don’t know with what frequency. They’re linked to GI problems and a host of other conditions throughout the body. The gold standard for uncovering a food sensitivity (grain-related or otherwise) in which you systematically remove and then reintroduce foods in your diet, making note of any changes in symptoms.

  1. Stay sane. Diet extremism leads to stress, unhappiness, and, unfortunately, weight gain and health problems. Tune out the “great grain debate” and use that energy to cook delicious food — and eat it with beloved friends — instead.


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