Why we love HPN

If you missed the Fitranx Fit Expo last weekend then you missed a lot.

One of the amazing things you missed was Sean Torbati, CEO of High Performance Nutrition, coming and sampling his brand new flavor not on the shelves yet.

Our clients got to have the first taste from the owner himself.

This is one of the many reasons I am a believer in the HPN products. They are perfectly crafted, no cut corners, all natural ingredients, no lies on the labels. These products produce the best results and well……

It says a lot when the CEO can go into the local communities and be a part of events like our FitExpo and actually take real time feedback on his products.

Check out the video and then make sure you check out our next event for even more amazing vendors, freebies, discounts and exclusives.


I will always take great pride in personally mixing up our product, wether its protein, or a P(3), or anything else; and talking with people 1-on-1 about WHY we are so different and what our mission is in the health and fitness space.

You can purchase any HPN product from Max Muscle of Huntington Beach located right down the street from CRAVEPT @ 714 Adams Ave. Suit 107 HB 92648.

For any questions please call 714-716-5037!