Lost his “Dad Bod” in 4 weeks of combined nutrition coaching and semi-private training in our Lean in ’19 challenge.


Finally trimmed his mid section by adding our nutrition coaching to his boot camp training routine for a 30 day slim down in 2018.


Went from a bar fly to a gym rat and won our Lean in ’19 Challenge by losing over 10lbs and 4% body fat in only 4 short weeks.


Injuries And All!

The best thing about Crave is that the staff and other members invite you in with open arms, support you, listening to your needs and concerns, and they genuinely care about you and want to help you surpass the goals you set for yourself.

I joined the Crave family 5 years ago and I never looked back.

I travel for work and am in a different state almost every week. After 6 months of non-stop travel I dedicated 2 months to being home. I was able to commit to Crave and to myself to get back in shape.

I have numerous sports injuries that limit me from certain strength and conditioning movements which as an athlete is extremely frustrating.

The trainers worked around my injuries and helped me gain the strength and endurance needed to obtain optimal performance within the workouts. Thus building my confidence to try different workout movements and prove to myself I can have injuries and still get back in shape.

If you are worried about how you look and feel, hate how corporate gyms are structured, and are looking for a place to “fit in.” CRAVE is the place for you.


2016 Results-Based Challenge Winner

I started at CRAVE because of the location. It took time to get to know people; however it was worth it. I have enjoyed participating in the Fitranx program. All the trainers show interest in me and helping me achieve my goals. Creating a family atmosphere at CRAVE is an ongoing process which I’ve enjoyed being a part of.


Got Her Body Back!

This gym is awesome! I had major surgery in May 2015 and got back in gym beginning of Nov 2015, after seeing pic of me in Oct. I’m turning 45 this year and never would have dreamt that I could see the results that I have as of March 2016. I not only have my body back from my 30’s, I got it back in a short time and still wasn’t eating like I should. If I ate healthy and clean, I know I could see even better results. Thanks to the coaches and Crave!!!!


Throughout my life I have always struggled with my weight. Between having back surgery when I was younger and having insulin resistance I always found it challenging to be physically active and stay in shape. I tried engaging in sports such as volleyball and the swim team when I was in middle school, but failed to keep going through with it when I got to high school.
Over those years I had gained weight and was not physically active at all. It was not until my junior year of college that I finally decided that I needed to dedicate my time to become stronger and healthier. In December 2013 my father and I decided to join when we saw CRAVE’s Groupon offer. I immediately fell in love with the workouts and felt very challenged and motivated to do more. Although, I had to return to school in Arizona and did not have enough time to see how successful I could be at CRAVE. I continued staying active during the rest of the semester at my school’s gym, but did not see much results.
Finally during the summer of 2014 I was able to come back to CRAVE and spend two months at their facility. Within that short amount of time I finally began to see the results that I wanted! It was not only my appearance that was changing, but I also saw how much stronger I was becoming. I have never felt or looked this good prior to my experience at CRAVE. I am very happy that I will finishing my senior year of college with these results. I am so happy that my father and I were able to find this amazing place and I wish that I was able to workout here year around.

Huntington Beach, Ca
About 2 years ago I was looking at photos from a family trip and I did not recognize myself. I had not realized how much my body had changed over the years, I had lost muscle tone and gained a bit of weight. I was a very active runner and mountain biker before getting married and starting a family. Career and kids took the center stage and my exercise routine all but vanished. I needed to do something about it! That is when I met Taryn. I started a personal training program with her 3 days a week initially and combined that with cardio workouts on my own. After over 1 1/2 years of training with Taryn, using weights and resistance, I have achieved my desired results. I’ve lost inches (pant and dress sizes), gained muscle and core strength. I have more energy and best of all I feel great! Taryn’s workouts are varied so I’m never bored and she knows how to push me just a little further each time so that I continue to achieve. She also pays careful attention to my form and modifies exercises so that I do not incur injury. She makes the workout fun! As a result my lifestyle has changed and exercise has become a part of my daily routine. If you are contemplating getting back into an exercise routine I highly recommend that you try training with Taryn. You will look back and wonder why you waiting so long to do so!


Personal Training Client

“One thing I like about Crave Training? The atmosphere. The workers are amazing and sweet people. Always so encouraging and april picuplifting. I first started here when I got out of treatment for an eating disorder. Coming to Crave Training has opened my eyes. I’ve learned a lot about myself just from my workouts and have totally come out of my shell. We go through life, beating ourselves up over silly things and thinking we can’t do anything. Come to find out… You CAN! I know this first hand. At Crave I am encouraged every workout and told not to give up. Being here has helped me gain more confidence within myself. I haven’t just gained a trainer here, I’ve gained a friend who is there every step of the way. This type of an interaction isn’t something you could get at a regular gym.”


from Team A-Bomb (Trainer Adam Blake from Vital Boot Camp) Taking home $600 CASH after her 6 week transformation! She will also be walking away from this Team Challenge 28 pounds lighter, over 11 inches smaller and with a body fat drop of 4.7%!!
We would like to congratulate the the winners of the TEAM CHALLENGE….
TEAM DAWN PATROL led by their trainer, Jeffery Patch!

Tim F.
Huntington Beach
In high school I was an all CIF water polo player and swimmer. I continued to play a bit in college, but then started focusing on music and school, so playing sports kind of stopped. I still hit the gym every once in a while, but I started getting heavier. By my third year in college I had gained around 30 pounds since graduating high school. In an effort to get back into shape, I joined a 24 hr. fitness. I would go a few times a week and lift some weights and jog on a treadmill. While it made me feel good going to the gym, all it really did was stop me from gaining more weight. I needed to lose weight.
For the next ten years, this was basically my story when it comes to getting in shape and losing weight. I’d go to a gym by myself, workout by myself, and then I’d stop going for a few months, gain a few pounds, go back to the gym, lose those few pounds, and then repeat the cycle all over again. My weight has been the same for about the past 10 years, give or take 5 pounds. Enter Crave. I came to Crave last year and immediately I knew I had found a gem. The staff was very helpful and knowledgeable, and the other members were all very nice and supportive. I have found that I actually want to go workout at Crave because when I leave I feel good about myself. I usually leave with a sweaty shirt and a smile on my face. This keeps me coming back. Knowing that there are people at Crave that want to see results from me pushes me to work harder, but also encourages me to make smart choices about my diet. From the in-person support, to the weekly motivational emails and recipes that are sent out, the staff and members at Crave are always helping me achieve my goals. The family atmosphere at Crave is awesome, and I think it is rare to find that at any gym. Friendships and memories are constantly being created at Crave and it’s great to be a part of something like that. The recent transformation challenge has been great. I’ve lost weight, body fat, and inches, and gained muscle, but more importantly, I’ve gotten to do it with others. Watching a group of people cheer each other on and support one another in their weight loss or fitness goals is inspiring. Crave is more than a gym for most of its members. Crave is a second home
As an adult, I slowly started to gain weight. Career demands took precedence over physical activity. My job involved entertaining clients. So from early in my career, I was eating in restaurants at least 5 days a week. Up to that point, I never had issues with my weight, so I just ordered what I wanted. The wake-up call came when I was shopping for a pair of shorts with my husband. The size I tried on did not fit so he went to the rack, came back with a size 10 for me. And they fit. WHAT? I don’t wear a 2 digit size. Well guess what? I did now. I was completely devastated. But it was not until I reached size 12 that I decided to do something about it. I WAS GOING ON A DIET. And so began my yo-yo diet life. Going forward, depending on when you would see me, I would be anywhere from a size 2 to a size 12. I am fully aware of how unhealthy this kind of weigh swing is. I just can’t seem to maintain a healthy weight for any length of time. Losing weight is very easy. What’s hard is maintaining. I have yet to master that. Even to this day. I am always either gaining weight or losing weight.
And then the big whammy hit. Menopause. This is something that many of my co-Cravers have no experience with yet. The way it affects a woman’s body is interesting, and unpleasant. Mood swings, irritability and weight gain are followed by complete lack of energy. At least when I was yo-yo dieting, I exercised. Now, it was all I could do to get myself out of bed the morning. And I felt angry all the time.
In early 2013 I decided that I needed to get myself exercising again. I was not sure what I wanted to do. So I started my fitness Groupon campaign; buying Groupons for just about every fitness facility within reasonable distance of my house. And for the entire year, I did a 6 week stints with more places than I can even remember. My journey took me to Yoga, Zumba, Piloxing, Pilates and 3 different boot camps. Crave was the last boot camp. Why the last? Because I found a home. Crave provides small classes which insures attention from the instructor. Adam (who is awesome, by the way) pays attention and is quick to correct form which is very important to prevent injuries. I find the workouts to be very effective incorporating cardio and resistance training. I finish each half hour session dripping with sweat and, over time, something interesting was starting to happen. I felt….. HAPPY! Soon I took the time to stop and actually have a conversation with my co-cravers and learned what really nice people I was surrounded by. I think this happened because the endorphins from all the exercise just took over the menopausal crabbiness. Now I am making an effort to involve myself at crave as much as I can. I have established some really nice friendships with great people, and I feel FABULOUS!!! When I started my journey at Crave, I made the promise that I would be the “Crave Poster Child” with the goal of completing a dramatic before & after photo, as well as join the FitRanX program to achieve level 4 of 8 before the year is over. In the short time I’ve been here I’ve been able to achieve FitRanX level 2, lose 17lbs, 7 total inches and decrease my body fat by 6%! I’m so excited about what I have accomplished so far, but I am far from done. The key to success at Crave is to participate. There are so many fun challenges that keep you focused, motivated and supercharge your results.
At 51 I was overweight and lacked the energy to make it though my day. My back hurt & my knees hurt. I was falling apart. I now have a lot more energy and feel like I’m 20 again. My back and knee pain are all gone. I now have the energy and strength so I can ride my dirt bike longer and faster then ever before. I used to go to the gym, going though the same routine day after day. I’m sure if you look up routine it should says BORING daily activity. At Crave nothing is routine about my workout. Every day at Crave is fresh and fun. The staff is great, knowledgeable, and friendly. They’re there to motivate me so I can achieve my goals. From my diet to my workout they’re there to help me all the way and will do the same for you. I have also met some great new friends at Crave, I love walking into Crave knowing that I have friend there to help motivate and support me. If your looking to lose a little or a lot of weight or just need to tone up for the summer, I give my 100 % recommendation to you that Crave can help. Give it a try today! What do you have to lose but unwanted pounds?
Huntington Beach
“Had to share this with the Crave family!
I have lost 101 pounds and counting since starting to train at Crave Personal Training almost 9 months ago!!! So many people from the Crave family have been such an inspiration and support to me that I just wanted to share this with y’all to encourage you guys to keep up the good work too! :-)”
I’ve been trying to lose weight and stay fit since having children. I’ve tried 24hr Fitness and various boot camp gyms. The problem with 24hr Fitness or any typical gym was the lack of personal touch and support groups, and the boot camp gyms that I’ve experienced were too crowded. It’s been a challenge to find time to work out twice a week, while working full-time and having two small children, a 3-yr old son and a 6-yr old daughter. I’ve started with Crave Personal Training & Boot Camp back in April 2014. I usually attend the Monday night boot camp after work while my husband watches the kids and I always feel rushed. However, I am happy to report that after 4 months of working out at Crave, my upper body feels stronger and more toned. I also enjoy the Saturday morning boot camp sessions. It’s a quick, full body workout, which gives me a good boost to start off the weekend. What I love about these boot camp sessions is that they are 30 minutes long, but very effective, which leaves me time to spend with my family. Also, the Crave boot camp sessions are like having your own personal trainer – the classes are small. Most of all, the people are what set Crave apart from other gyms; every trainer and member are exceptionally supportive and friendly. I look forward to going to the boot camp sessions because I feel at ease when I am there. Taryn and her team have been phenomenal in creating an environment that is welcoming and non-intimidating for everyone to enjoy. I have no doubt with hard work and continuous support from the Crave staff, I will achieve my fitness goal.
I have always been active. I ran track and was a gymnast in high school. That is where I grew to love running. I loved team sports and have always enjoyed being part of something bigger than just myself. There has always been a gratification in working with a team for a common goal. When I got married and had children, I couldn’t put myself first. I always ran or did an exercise class once a week but nothing structured. I missed the camaraderie of a team and having a structured exercise routine. As my children grew, and I had more me time, I started to work towards achieving my fitness goals. I started running more, entering small races, and working out a few times a week. I loved it and I decided that I would not quit on achieving my goals. Every year I set a new one and I committed to achieving it. My first, run a 5k. The next one was complete a duathalon. The next was complete a triathlon. This past year I completed the triathlon, after months of training. It was such a great feeling to know that mentally, not just physically, I could do anything I really wanted to put my passion, drive and hard work into. Then I stumbled onto CRAVE!! I had driven past the building numerous times. I belonged to another local gym so I wasn’t looking for a new home at the time. But I was always intrigued. I saw a Groupon for classes and immediately decided to try it out. I haven’t stopped yet! I joined after the Groupon was up and I will continue to make this gym my home! The trainers are top notch!! My fellow “athletes” are some of the very best people I’ve met! I have made more than one lifetime friend while being here! I learn something new every time I come in. I get pushed to get out of my comfort zone and it’s exactly what I need!!
Thanks CRAVE family!!!
It’s been well over a year since I started working out at Crave and I am so grateful I decided to take the first step to come and enjoy the boot camps. I have been positively addicted ever since! I have never liked going to gyms, and although I have always been active, I have never had a regular fitness routine. The change in the way my body looks and feels became very apparent to me very quickly after working out at Crave. The transformation challenge was amazing and I became involved even more than I thought. I learned so much about my diet became very aware of everything I put into my body. The challenge became away from me not to compete with others by the way to challenge myself. Additionally, I get to take everything I learned and continue my personal fitness journey which is priceless to me. Besides that, and perhaps even more important is the feeling of community and friendship that I get from Crave because it keeps me coming back consistently. I will always recommend Crave to my friends, family and clients as a way to get fit, make friends, challenge yourself and in general just do something positive. Very personally, I am grateful to Taryn for following her dream to open up your own gym because it has made such a positive impact in not just me but an entire community… and how awesome is that!?!
As a part-time working mother of three (ages 7, 5, and 2), I was feeling stressed and tired day in and day out. Between work, taking care of housework, a husband, and taking care of my kids and their after school activities, I knew that I should try to take care of myself so that I would have more energy for the daily challenges of life. Taking care of myself, would mean not skipping meals, eating healthily, exercising, and getting enough sleep each day. However, that seemed impossible to do as there just didn’t seem to be enough hours in the day. That all changed when my youngest sister told me that she was going to try out a boot camp at Crave Personal Fitness and Boot Camp and that I should come with her. It took her a while to convince me as I was able to come up with a gamut of excuses. I didn’t have time, I couldn’t take time away from the kids, I had to work, and so on and so on. After much convincing, I decided to join her as we were only going to try it out for 20 sessions and then be done with it.
So, my sister and I started towards the end of May. My first impression of Crave Personal Fitness and Boot Camp was, oh gosh, I am not going to be able to do this. While there, I was introduced to Taryn. She showed me around the place and then took my measurements and asked me about what my personal fitness goals were. As I had only been planning to do 20 (or less) sessions, I hadn’t really given it much thought, so I just told her that I wanted to be less tired and have more energy. While there, I did not feel pressured to sign up for the membership or get a sense that the owners (Taryn and Jeremy), were trying to sell me anything (as other gyms and fitness places tend to do). Everyone, the owners, the trainers, and the clients, were so nice and friendly. I didn’t feel like I was being ogled or judged by my lack of a perfect body. Everyone there was there to work on their own personal fitness goals. I will not say that the 30 minute boot camp sessions are easy. In fact, it was the hardest form of exercise I had done in eight years, but wow, it was one heck of a workout. I started out doing two sessions a week for over a month and then started moving up to three, then four sessions. During that time, I could already feel a difference in my energy level and mood (I was a lot less grouchy per my husband). Taryn also wanted me to change my eating habits and asked me if I was willing to do it to see better results. I decided to give it a try as I knew that nothing is ever accomplished without hard work. She came up with a plan for me to try for two weeks and we would assess the results after and see what changes would need to be made. It was very hard for me at first (I love food!) but I knew that I had to do it and the results have been astounding. I guess I just needed a push and some encouragement from someone who knew what she was doing. Currently, I am doing seven boot camp sessions at Crave from Monday through Friday. I have built it into my schedule even though I am busier than ever. I find that I can spare at least 30 minutes a day to take care of myself so that I can have more energy for the day. I find that the boot camp atmosphere is so much more enjoyable than exercising by myself. I have met some truly inspiring people at Crave and they continue to encourage me and push me when I can no longer push myself. The trainers at Crave are incredible as well. Every boot camp session is different and challenging. Even now, after more than four months, I am sore after each session. I have gotten many compliments on the changes in my physical appearance, and although that is always great to hear, I am so much happier with the energy and mental strength that I have gained from the Crave boot camps. I cannot thank Taryn, Alex, Jeff, Adam, and Audie enough for helping me become the person that I am today. My Crave family is incredible and I hope to see more great things from them. To all the mothers that don’t have the time to take care of themselves, please make the time. You are worth it!
Hands down Taryn at CRAVE is one of the best trainers in Orange County. She believes in hard “head to toe” workouts and will work to get you the results you want. I set out on my fitness goals to get rid of some undesired body fat and tone some lean muscle. Taryn taught me how to use your own body weight to workout vs. pumping weights and I’m SO glad I started with body weight exercises or else I would have probably injured myself at the gym. I started working out with her once a week and then started to get addicted and then I started going twice a week when possible. I developed a regular routine at the gym but in order to avoid a plateau I needed Taryn to help push me farther than I was able to push myself; and that she always does. I have yet to leave the gym without dripping sweat. In my first month I lost a few pounds. But it was my second month when I added in her nutrition plan and joined her Cravefit boot camp that the weight slid right off. I lost 4-5 inches of just body fat, and so far a total of 7.5 lbs; and with her help the inches keep coming off. I would recommend anyone to CRAVE. Taryn is an amazing person and an amazing trainer. What more could you ask for? Do yourself a favor and get rid off all the excuses and sign up for her class right now!