Spartan & Super Dad

We have amazing clients at CRAVE Personal Training and Boot Camp.
I have a hard time not bragging all the time. Caring, original, motivated people who I love sharing my days with train here in Huntington Beach.
Here is someone who continued to inspire not just myself, but I know he inspires other clients and most definitely is a hero to his two children.
So if you think being a mom or dad excludes you from doing wild and crazy things in the gym and out, check out his story. He received his Spartan Trifecta metals this year which means he accomplished and completed three daunting obstacle races. Not only did he complete them but finished in the top of these races.
No surprise to us here at CRAVE PT.

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“My name is David Hirsch, I am 38 years old. I have been attending boot camp classes at CRAVE PT regularly for the last 11 months. I am a returning member after some time away from the gym. I have worked out at many different facilities and been involved in some form of fitness for most of my life. I came back to CRAVE PT because it is a unique gym with a positive environment full of supportive members and trainers.
Each trainer has their own style and passion for giving up to date personalized instruction on health, fitness and nutrition. I re-joined CRAVE PT to pursue my fitness goals of training for obstacle course races and improving my overall strength and cardiovascular endurance. With the support of the dedicated personal trainers and fellow gym rats at CRAVE PT I have seen my body change for the better.
I lost fat gained muscle and improved my performance in obstacle course races.
Taryn and her team employ the FitRanx system for setting fitness goals and measuring progress. Every FitRanx testing session is challenging and lots of fun.
Testing day is a mix of excitement nervous anticipation and positive encouragement from fellow members and their loved ones cheering from the sidelines.
The members and trainers have become an extended family that I am continually thankful for as they educate and push us to push ourselves. As I continue my fitness journey I am constantly redefining my goals as I grow and learn from the CRAVE PT members and trainers.
The holidays are upon us and 2017 is drawing to an end, its time to make your goals for 2018.
Come down to the gym and have a look for yourself. See how CRAVE PT is changing people’s lives for the better. Lets work together to achieve our goals and make our community stronger happier and healthier.
I wish you all a safe and wonderful holiday season as you celebrate with your loved ones.

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