What Supplements Do I Need?

I get asked all the time, “What supplements should I be taking.”
And sadly, many clients never ask and never subscribe to a supplement routine to help increase the benefits of their training, speed up recovery & muscle soreness or just simply “up” their daily feel good endorphin and energy levels.
Without trying to sell you anything here are the top supplements I recommend and why. Don’t feel you need to take them all but pick out what result you are looking for and then consult a professional about which brand to take for optimal results.

Energy and Fat Loss:
Try a fat burner before a cardio-based routine. For Crave members this would be Hurricane, Fitranx Training and Saturday Boot camps. If you are doing your own workout routine at home make sure you only do 2 days on and 1 day off. Over doing it with fat burners is not only bad for your body but your body will adjust and they will be less effective overall.
Function & Brain Development:
Vitamin B6 in the morning will help you move, think and process in a HD way.
Besides boosting your daily intake of organic green veggie and adding berries to your breakfast, try taking Vitamin E in the morning.

Overall health:
Take a recommended Multi-Vitamin but keep in mind that many of the nutrients in these do not process through your system so make sure you’re working out regularly, eating a well balanced diet and getting some sun to help your overall health. Best taken in the morning.
Skin Elasticity:
Many women want that right skin and aim to reduce the appearance of cellulite and sagging skin. Exercising regularly with strength training, Crave members this is every Monday and Tuesday with Justin, will create a firmer and tighter skin appearance. However we do need help over time and based on genetics. For this, take collagen and use a lotion with collagen added to give that extra boost for a quick result.
Joint Health:
Glucosamine is a must!
You have to take care of your joints, especially if you train frequently. The lubrication that occurs naturally can be over worked as well as the fact that it will lessen or dry out over time.
Keeping joints lubricated means less pain and discomfort during exercise and later in life. Best taken in the morning.
Gastrointestinal Health:
No one wants to feel bloated and we all have a pooch we want to flatten out. A great way to feel lean is to get plenty of fiber in your diet and take a fiber supplement. Often times we simply do not get enough fiber in our diet so the supplement will keep things moving. Best taken in the morning.
Get the most out of your workout:
Taking BCAAs, branch chain amino acids, post workout helps build muscle and repair tissue. If you’re not taking this regularly you simply aren’t getting 100% of your results.
Flat Belly:
With two or three meals per day take a digestive enzyme to help break down the food you ate before it tend to fat.
Reduce Muscle Soreness:
Glutamic or glutamine before bed or in your protein shake post workout. If you’re pushing the limits, lifting heavy, feeling too sore to workout the next day this is what you need. This supplement will reduce muscle soreness and get you back in the gym ASAP!
Lean Muscle Gains & Tone:
Protein powder should be in every house in America. There are many protein powders. Ones to bulk you and ones to lean you out but they also serve as a meal on the go. Most people’s weight problems are from eating the wrong things on the go or simply not eating regularly or enough. Carrying a shaker with protein in it every day ensures you will make the right choice when you’re hungry. You should also be taking in almost your body weight in grams of protein daily and the shake helps us make that lean protein instead of high fat choices.
I hope this helps you make a smart an educated decision on your supplement choices but make sure to hit Max Muscle right down the street on Adams and ask the pros about what is best for your body and your goals when picking a brand.



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