Permission to Recover


One of the things that I know to be essential is recovery.

We all want to do what is glamourous.

If it doesn't make us sweat, burn calories, build muscle, look better....

We don't want much to do with it.

As a professional in the fitness industry I know what my clients need.

It just doesn't always line up with what they want.

About 6 months I started offering a stretch and mobility class

I wasn't sure what the response to the class would be I just knew that my clients would perform better, feel better and be more responsible to their bodies for having take it.

At first people did not know if it was something they wanted to sign up for but after taking it once and realizing all the aches and pains, the immobile areas, the weaknesses in something they thought would have been a piece of cake became an eye opener.

To my amazement the class grew and grew, people came to love it.

Those who consistently came noticed consistent results in their squat pattern, decrease in lower back fatigue and soreness, better range of motion in the shoulders and most noticeably, hamstrings that did not feel like they were going to snap aka injury prevention.

Now a good friend of mine, Sean Torbati, once told me that your body is like a luxury car. You can't just continue to take it out for joy rides, speeding, shifting gears and riding it hard every day and expect it not to break down.

Owners of luxury cars make sure they fuel their cars with the best gas.

They keep it in a garage covered and protected from the elements.

They spend a day washing and waxing the car, taking it out for a gentle cruise and never putting the pedal to the metal but rather cruising it leisurely.

This made SO much sense to me!

We need to properly fuel our bodies with protein, veggies, fruits and healthy fats in order for it to function.

What our body is lacking we need to supplement so it has all its essential aminos and vitamins to fight off sickness and disease and operate at a high enough level to support our training or rigorous schedules.

We need proper sleep, we need sun screen when we're out, we need a lot of maintenance!

Part of that involves our skeletal and muscular structure, of course you would agree, but are you doing this?

Most of us are not.

Either the thought never occurred to us before now or we simply have neglected our own bodies in the fight against time management and priority consideration.

Let me tell you that once you make the time for this you will not only understand the value, but you will never skip this part of the program again; recovery will be as much a part of your day or week as brushing your teeth in the morning. (HOPEFULLY)

Much like exercise you will feel terrible when you do not do it.

Guilty, lethargic, tight, uncomfortable and less productive.

What is better is that I know we all like to save money and what better way than putting in the oil change so you don't have to buy a new engine for the car. I would rather spend $50.00 than $1500.00. I don't know about you.

When it comes to the engine that is your body money isn't the ultimate price, it's your body!

Your health, your independence, your ability to move and play and participate and live pain free.

Moral of the story is this: Take 5 minutes a day, take 30 minutes a week, however it works for you find that time to recover.

What does this look like?

Come check out our newest session "RECOVERY" at Crave PT every Monday & Wednesday 5:45-6pm. I will personally be running it and we will specifically work on the #1 corrective exercises, the anaerobic cardio that aids in recovery, the joint stabilization that will save your joints for the long term weight lifting you want to do and of course improve upon the mobility that we all lack whether sedentary or active.

Here are a few tips if you are reading from home and unable to join us at CRAVEPT @ 1623 Alabama St. HB Ca 92648

1. Pick a compound movement to perform such as battle ropes that require the entire body to work without a high eccentric load. We want to encourage blood flow to promote recovery.

2. Pick an area of immobility for lower body and work in sets of static stretch or movements to improve upon such as hips. You don't have to be a personal trainer to put yourself through a simple butterfly stretch in front of the television.

3. Pick an area of immobility or perhaps over-use like the shoulders and perform a dynamic stretch.

4. Perform 3-4 sets under time and be done for the day.

CALL now to book this 15 minute recovery time and a FREE 30 minute strength session!

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