3 Steps to the Best Body of Your Life…

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1. Soft Tissue Work. I tell all my personal clients to hop on a foam roller and work the deep tissue before they even talk to me. Many people skip right to stretching. The problem is this, you’re muscles are cold, they are not ready to stretch. If you have knots and you stretch first thing, all you are doing is pulling those knots into tighter knots and burying them deeper into your soft tissue. One day the slightest run will cause a snap in your hamstring. Step 1 is foam rolling or ball rolling from Achilles to Pectorals. There are trigger points that must be addressed and you may not even know they are calling to you until you roll over them.

2. Dynamic Warm-up. So your trainer is going to warm you up but you’re sitting around waiting aren’t you? Why not take matters into your own hands. There are plenty of muscle groups that your trainer is just not going to have time to warm up for you. Aside from that, we all know our own bodies best. Our tightness, our soreness, how long we take to wake up our muscles. This is a time to do dynamic movements such as a stride down and back across the floor, Frankenstein walks, lunge with an overhead reach, trunk rotation. Where do you need to increase that mobility?
3. Stretch. There is a place and a time for stretch and here it is. Another benefit to giving yourself a dynamic warm-up before your trainer ever greets you is so that you will also have the time to stretch what is most important to you and your body’s specific health. No two of us are built the same. Some have tight hips, others tight calves, aching feet, or popping shoulders. By simply going through a brief stretch routine of your choosing you will prevent injury and long-term mobility dysfunction. Runners stretch, scapular wall slides, hip-flexor butterflies just to name a few.
At the end of the day these 3 components are just as important as your workout itself.
If you don’t know what you’re doing in steps 1-3, it’s time to have a private session with a trainer and learn a routine that will work best for you.
Steal the recipe from your trainer and use it before every session and I guarantee you will be injured less, get stronger, feel better and look your best for life!