What you NEED to know about Nutrition NOW

In this industry, fitness and Nutrition, I see people get frustrated with their results daily.

Results aren't coming fast enough to their liking, they aren't dropping in the areas they want to drop, the scale isn't moving, they are not wanting to wake up early or go home late.

There is a bevy of reasons why people get frustrated.

One element that gets clients, and even myself at times, frustrated... is DIET!

With so many conflicting theories on nutrition science. With endless diets advertised or miracle pills or cleanses; how do you make sense of what you are suppose to eat to lose weight or to gain muscle or to maintain your current body?

Precision Nutrition founder, John Berardi Ph.D, wrote a brilliant article and infographic that really hits the nail on the head.

When I can't possibly say things better myself I defer to those who are experts in the field of topic and he is just that.

I was recently certified as a FNC (Fitness Nutrition Coach) through Precision Nutrition because it is one of the most accredited national nutrition associations in play right now for our industry so I have full faith in this article and infographic clearing up some of the confusion you, like myself and my clients, may have.



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